Rimfire, NV

Step back in time with the Nevada Gunfighter’s very own portable 70′ town front, that is right, over seventy feet of set to make your Old West experience come to life! We are the only group in Northern Nevada and California who brings an entire town with us to perform! Book Us Today!

The town of Rimfire is one of a kind set hand painted by renowned cowboy artist Adam Baker, Honorary Life Member Of The Nevada Gunfighters, and the people of Rimfire. This set packs into one 30′ foot trailer and takes us about 8 hours to assemble and make it ready for a show.

Adam Baker The Artist of Rimfire

Our town of Rimfire is equipped with a Saloon, Bank, Mercantile, Jail, Hotel, and Alice’s Hacienda! The Stage is dressed with many flags from the 1800’s to the present day United States and Nevada Flags. The town comes with its own sound system and power if none is available.