In Memoriam

A Cowboy’s Wishes

Tony Argento

    May your saddle fore’er be comfy, an’ yer britches always stay clean,

    An’ the mustang hoss you ride on………..ride like a dream.

    An’ the mav’ricks you look for-be easy to find,

    An’ yer .44-6 gun……..hit it’s mark ever’ time.

    An’ the pards you rope with-you can depend without fail,

    Fond mem’ries o’ past friends-long gone-from that rough-dusty trail.

    Under the stars in yer bedroll, fresh air an’ the new mornin’s dew,

    Enamoured thoughts o’ yer sweetheart’s smilin’ face……those piercin’ eyes-blue.

    An’ the American flag you fought for, wave e‘er more,

    Soldiers-remembered-their ultimate sacrifice-o’ war.

    An’ yer fences always be mended an’ yer wants; simple an’ free,

    Knowin’ God keeps ‘is eyes peeled, givin’ guidance-where’er you be.

    When yer “Round Up” days ‘r’ done an’ y’re put in the ground-6 feet below,

    A simple-pine box-branded-as you requested-of ranchin’ friends you know.

    An’ when y’re at rest on that final day of yer last settin’ sun,

    Inscribed-above you will read;……………….. “A Cowboy’s Work-Is Never Done.”


Sandy Scardina – Founder
Robert Smith
Bruce Royce – President
Patrick Oliver
Rose Scardina – Wife of Co-Founder Pete Scardina