The Nevada Gunfighters


Howdy come on in, look around and stay awhile!

The Nevada Gunfighters welcome you to our site! We are a Wild West Theatrical Troupe who operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit group in Northern Nevada and California. Our primary mission is educating kids about firearm safety, mirroring the NRA Eddie Eagle© Program, all the while performing skits and reenactments of the Old West. Our group is dedicated to the preservation of the Old West and Nevada history circa 1860-1890’s… we truly make history come to life!

The Nevada Gunfighters were founded in 1977 by Sandy and Pete Scardina. For over 40 years the group has won many awards, competitions and accolades. The following are some of our proudest accomplishments:

  • 2012 and 2016 People’s Choice Winner -True West Magazine’s “Best Of The West!”
  • 2010 Blue Ribbon Winners for Entertainment – Nevada Territory Wild West Fair!
  • Reigning Nevada State Champions Old West Living History Foundation (1999,2000,2001) – Ponderosa Ranch!
  • 1999 Virginia Range Wild Life Protection Association’s Golden Shoe Award- Wild Horse Preservation!
  • 1996 Took 1st Place in the Calico Ghost Town Gunfighters Skit Competition!

While these awards are great, our proudest moment came from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. The Nevada Gunfighters are credited with saving the life of a little boy in Virginia City. The little boy found a firearm in a park, he ran away and contacted the authorities. The officer safely found and stored the firearm. When the Sheriff asked how the little boy knew what to do; he said he had been to one of the Nevada Gunfighter shows and listened to our Eddie Eagle© presentation. This is our number one achievement!