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Joining Nevada Gunfighters Is Easy!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be a gunfighter? Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to strap on a six-gun and step into the street to face down the bad guys and gals?  Do you like play acting? Good company?

The Nevada Gunfighters, a group of men and women, and kids from time to time, that have a great time performing and bringing the message of gun safety to audiences.. We are a little theater group, an acting troupe, who travel to events and perform before folks much like yourselves. Many of us came out of the audience to be a part of this experience known as "reenacting." More specifically and likely more accurately, we are Wild West Performers. And, you can perform with us, too!

We have the experience to prepare you for this adventure. Yes it is time consuming, and yes it can get a little expensive, like most hobbies, at the outset. There's costuming and props like old firearms to be had. And, nope, we don’t make any money to speak of.

Let me tell you about who and what we are. First off - the money end of this deal. Well yes we are paid as a group to perform at some performances, but not all of them. The money goes into the treasury to fund sets, props and blank ammunition. We have a complete sixty-plus foot town set that always requires maintenance and repairs. Plus, we do not reload our own blank ammunition. For safety and liability reasons, we buy professionally manufactured blanks. We carry spectator liability insurance, which we share the cost of annually. But the membership fee is not that high and it includes performers insurance. Ask us for the current year's fees and we'll be glad to get you started.

We get out to a great number of events each year where we can perform and have a good time. Being in the Nevada Gunfighters is a rich and rewarding experience. Having fun is really the name of our game; however, our mission is Gun Safety. We present a gun safety demonstration before every performance, and sometimes as a stand-alone event. We are committed to informing the children and adults about gun safety when they come to see us. We educate because guns are only as safe as the person handling them.

We generally try to rehearse twice a month during the off season, and we also conduct a business meeting each month. Sometimes we dovetail the meeting with a rehearsal. Some events demand that we rehearse more often. There may be a specific theme that requires we create a script for it. We try to keep these rehearsals at a minimum, though we admit not always successfully.

We believe that rehearsals make us better, but we also believe that family is important, and work is important. Therefore, we always work around life's obligations as much as possible. Family members are always invited along for events. The whole family is encouraged to dress Old West and join in the fun!

Though we are in the "acting business," there is a kinship among us that has a family feeling all it’s own.

The Nevada Gunfighters tour Northern Nevada and Eastern California from March through October, and we practice and write new skits during the winter months. Granted we are far busier during the summer, but theatre requires practice and we're happy to get together regularly. We do our best to make each of these events a family affair. Many are weekend getaways, though some are just one-day events.

As a member of the Nevada Gunfighters, one thing we can guarantee, you will be exposed to a great deal of fun!

So, if you have a hankerin' to get involved, then git goin' and email or call today!


Nevada Gunfighters Theatrical Reenactment Team
Gun Safety Education and Keeping the Old West Alive!

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The Nevada Gunfighters Wild West Theatrical Group is a Federal 501c3, and a Nevada non-profit group
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